2nd Interdisciplinary Symposium on Sustainable Development

Context and perspectives

The findings are numerous following the first symposium edition: what are the barriers, the frames of reference that confine us in an old system preventing us from going forward? What research, innovations and ideas are necessary to encourage ecological transition? What is the relationship between sustainable development and democracy in a broader (global) framework? What are the effects of the systemic crisis on sustainable development? And so on. Ever since then, the crisis, that is at the same time environmental, economic, and social, still prevails and these issues remain relevant.

In this perspective, the present symposium aims to:

  • encourage breakthrough scientific approaches;
  • promote an interdisciplinary approach;
  • promote transdisciplinarity by involving social actors;
  • enhance the recognition of scientists working on sustainable development.

This is an international scientific symposium which also seeks to encourage the participation and the involvement of both decision-makers and civil society.


The general topic of the current conference focuses on the relationship between transition and sustainable development concepts and how to accelerate this transition. Specifically, eight sub-themes are proposed:

  1. Global commons;
  2. Food, agriculture and animal farming practices;
  3. Housing and land-use planning;
  4. The social economy and the transition to sustainable development;
  5. Transition models;
  6. The role of public authorities in transition;
  7. Transition and non-governmental actors;
  8. Research stream on transdisciplinary research.


General information

The 2nd Interdisciplinary Symposium on Sustainable Development is organised with the support of the Public Service of Wallonia. This symposium is co-chaired by the Professors Jean-Pascal van Ypersele (Université catholique de Louvain) and Marek Hudon (Université libre de Bruxelles). 

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With the support of FNRS-WISD


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