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The symposium organisers are pleased to welcome Rob Hopkins and Gunter Pauli for the inaugural conference in Brussels (ULB), on 20 May from 8.00 pm till 10.00 pm. There will be simultaneous translation available (french and english).

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Rob Hopkins is the co-founder of both Transition Town Totnes and Transition Network. He is a serial blogger, author of The Power of Just Doing Stuff  and he tweets as @robintransition.  He previously wrote The Transition Handbook and The Transition Companion, and was recently awarded a PhD in Human Geography by the University of Plymouth and an Honorary Doctorate by the University of the West of England. In 2012 he was voted one of the Independent's top 100 environmentalists and one of ‘Britain’s 50 New Radicals’. He is an Ashoka Fellow, a keen gardener and one of the founders of New Lion Brewery in Totnes and a Director of Atmos Totnes, a very ambitious community-led development project.



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Gunter Pauli (www.gunterpauli.com@MyBlueEconomy), born in Antwerp, is a born entrepreneur and, as the author of the blue economy, is widely considered to be behind the emergence of the circular economy as a concept in Belgium. He started working when he was 15, and his first accomplished career was as a night club DJ which he abruptly stopped to start studying economics at University. He created a series of media companies in partnership with Roularta, chaired an ecological detergent company featured on CNN Prime Time News and provided input to the discussions of the Kyoto Protocol which were completely disregarded at the time. Today he is the author of 15 books, and his latest "The Blue Economy" became a popular Report to the Club of Rome of which he is a member. He set the target of 100 million jobs by 2019 and to date his innovative business models he spreads open source have mobilized +€3 billion in capital and generated 3 million jobs. He has translated fresh insights into science and competitiveness into fables. His +200 fables are published around the world (not in Belgium). He is married and father of 6 children.






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