Associations21 (Brussels-Wallonia) is a collection of member organisations dedicated to the promotion of sustainable development. Using the experience and insight of these members, its activities are predominantly based around working groups and the production of ‘position papers’ on a range of subjects including sustainable food, consummation and production, civil society appeals, energy and the climate, and housing. Following the work done by the FRDO (Federal council for sustainable development, Belgium), it acts as an intermediary between affiliated associations and as a representative of those who cannot sit on the council. Click HERE for more information.



The ‘Boutique de Sciences’, supported by the Walloon Region (DG06), is a Sciences-society interface placing scientific research at the service of the civil society, in all Universities and Colleges in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. It aims to meet the needs, in terms of scientific knowledge, of SMEs, non-profit organisations and farmers working towards social and ecological transition and more sustainable development. To this end, the Boutique de Sciences mobilises the existing scientific knowledge of experts in related fields and promotes new research in the form of Dissertations and Theses. Click HERE for more information.



For the last 15 years in Belgium, The Bernheim Foundation has played a key role in the launching of projects stimulating entrepreneurship, the culture of peace and citizenship, professional youth training and career guidance and the notion of culture as a factor in positive development. Within this context, it has done much to support education, university research, the development of institutions and the creation of associations.

Providing young people with the tools to become well-rounded citizens at the heart of their community constitutes the underlying principle of all their work up until now. This remains the case for the new direction proposed by the Foundation for 2015.

Its objective is to support innovative and efficient schemes, offering young people from the ages of 12 to 25 in Brussels the means to develop their competences, gain access to high quality training programmes, develop their entrepreneurial spirit and encourage the notions of citizenship and having a goal in life. Click HERE for more information.



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The Foundation for Future Generations’s (Fondation pour les Générations Futures) ambition is to pass on a liveable world to current and future generations. It is the only Belgian foundation exclusively dedicated to sustainable development. Each year, the FGF organises the Higher Education & Research Awards for Future Generations (HERA) which seek to promote sustainable development in scientific research and higher education. Click here for more information.



Imagine is a partner of the symposium for the thematic press. Imagine magazine will publish a special issue on the symposium.

Magazine of ecology, North-South relations and society, Imagine takes a free and non-conformist look at our reality. Moving counter-current to our market society, Imagine explores pathways for a different model of development and seeks positive alternatives to large societal questions. Click here for more information.




Mille Lieux is a trimestral revue and monthly newsletter that aimed at both the promotion of innovative research and providing the knowledge required to better manage rural and natural areas. As a link between science and field practice, this transdisciplinary revue finds itself at the point where research on development and management meet.

Its readership includes public administrations, research organisations, private and public landowners, farmers, foresters, fishers, managers of waterways and a wide variety of others.

To insure that articles are of both the highest technical and scientific standard, while remaining clear and accessible, the revue employs a review committee of multidisciplinary specialists representing the scientific world and field practitioners alike. Click HERE for more information.




The Transition Network of Wallonia-Brussels inspires and encourages local initiatives in the transition from dependency on cheap energy to other, more sustainable, ways of saving money whilst contributing to a better quality of life. The Network provides training, meetings, tools and information. Click HERE for more information.

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