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Jeudi 21
Thématique 6 - Le rôle des pouvoirs publics dans la transition
Pierre Ozer
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Scientific Evidence of Why Complementary Currencies are Necessary to Financial Stability
Bernard Lietaer  1@  
1 : Center for Sustainable Resources, University of Calfironia at Berkeley  (nature.berkeley.edu:80)  -  Site web
101 Giannini Hall MC # 3100 Berkeley, CA 94720 -  États-Unis


A recent theoretical breakthrough makes it possible to measure quantitatively the sustainability of any complex flow network. This framework has been empirically confirmed by 25 years of data about natural ecosystems, all examples of large scale sustainable systems. This approach proves that a minimum of diversity is necessary for stability: a monoculture is never sustainable. An economy is also a complex flow network through which money flows. However, orthodox economic thinking imposes precisely such a monoculture in the monetary domain through a single national currency. This explains the systemic financial and monetary instabilities that have plagued economies around the world. Contrary to orthodox thinking, complementary currencies turn out to be a necessary tool to attain stability. Whenever a banking or monetary meltdown takes place, authorities invariably return to the “normal” monetary monoculture as soon as possible, guaranteeing the return of systemic instabilities in the future.

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